Our Mission

When the pace of life makes you feel like you can barely keep up, it may not be time to push yourself harder. It may very well be a signal that it's time to renew. This realization leads us to do what feels counterintuitive and counterproductive--we have to disconnect to reconnect.

This is exactly what Renew is here to help you do

We believe the best kind of travel renews us from the inside out, returning us home better than we left. This is why we plan travel that’s about so much more than exciting itineraries. We customize experiences to welcome you, renew you from the inside out, and connect you with your spouse and family. Backed by a licensed marriage and family counselor, we customize resources to accompany you and guide you through meaningful conversation, healthy reflection, enjoyable adventures, and real rest.

Meet Jessica

Growing up in a small town, luxury travel wasn’t something I heard people doing or talking about. My honeymoon at age 24 was the first time I flew out of the country and experienced the thrill of travel, and I was hooked.

I started planning our next trip, and we vowed to travel as much as we could before becoming parents. We enjoyed many domestic and international trips as a couple, and once our kids arrived there was no going back

We realized traveling isn’t just something fun to do--

It's actually good for our souls and our relationship. So, we re-upped our commitment to prioritize travel as a family and decided to value experiences over possessions, ultimately as a way to value each other.

I truly believe the gift of travel can make a lifelong impact on marriages and families, which is why I started Renew. By experiencing travel that's renewing and meaningful, we can live fuller lives, and it's my passion to help you travel like never before.

Meet Ryane Rice, MMFT, LMFT

In addition to luxury travel experiences, we want to help you make meaningful connections with your spouse and family while you’re away. This is why we’ve invited Ryane Rice to be part of our team. Ryane is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist experienced in working with couples and families to strengthen their relationships amidst transition, life demands, and even crisis.

Ryane desires to see all family relationships find their way to a place of love and balance. A fellow lover of traveling, Ryane loves working alongside Jessica to give travelers evidence-based practices that are accessible and effective. More than a cheesy ice-breaker list of questions, these resources are specifically designed to accompany you on your trip and help you connect with each other in a lasting way.

Ryane’s education background includes a B.A. in Human Development and Family Studies from the University of Alabama as well as a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Abilene Christian University in Abilene, Texas.

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Whatever interests you, we can customize a travel experience you’ll love.

Our travel network and personal research combined with our personalized approach is uniquely designed to deliver a high quality trip that renews you from the inside out.

We handle the details so you can travel like never before.

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